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October 1, 2023

Photo with Words by audrey

NY Times Article

Prompt : The article mentions the idea that “you run best when you are comfortable.” Do you think people learn, work, perform and otherwise do things better if they are comfortable? Share an example, if you have one, from your own life.

I think that people are at their best when they are comfortable, regardless of whether they are in uniforms. In the context of the article, 'comfortable' can have different meanings. Although people often believe that uniforms represent schools instead of self and are too restricted, some students feel safe because things appear in order. However, you can feel comfortable when dressing freely because you are able to express yourself. Although uniforms give me a sense of belonging among my classmates, I am excited to wear something different on the days we are allowed to dress freely. I welcome the changes of style. For example, when I wear my basketball jersey, I feel connected with my teammates and I play better for the school and my team. But when I dress freely, I become free-spirited and a multi-talented musician.

Link to my comment on NY Times